Our Approach

After being in the medical device business for over 25 years, old habits die hard.  We have brought along many tools from the industry that are beneficial to controlling our processes and quality control.  If we make claims about our products (such as material type) than we can back up those claims with documentation.  We have implemented systems such as statistical process control (SPC), Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T), Good Documentation Practices, and Womb to Tomb documentation on every device we make.  These types of systems are mandated by the Food and Drug Administration in medical device however we have not seen these types of controls in the firearms industry.  This gives us piece of mind over our processes and quality, while it gives our customers piece of mind that they know what they are getting and that it was made correctly.

Our Story

Renshaw Firearms was started with a life-long passion for hunting and shooting sports.  Firearms were always just a hobby, either shooting them or collecting them.  With a background in product development, engineering, machining and quality assurance, our tools were the perfect fit for the firearms manufacturing.  So, we started a company, applied for our Federal Firearms License and within a few short months we were up and running.  We made our first run of billet AR style receivers and built a few rifles.  Then we got a call from Cold Dead Hands who is a second amendment advocacy group.  They wanted us to submit one of our rifles to them so they could do a review on it.  This was our first chance to get our name out there on a large scale, however it was a little bit of a nail biter since this could have gone either really good or really bad if something failed.  We built a rifle, slapped an EO Tech optic on it and sent it to Texas for the review.  Fortunately the review was stellar and we had cleared our first hurdle.  We have cleared many other hurdles since then however the story is far from over.  Stay tuned!